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Lean Ambitions

XCL (eXperience Centred Learning) recognises that the implementation of any Lean methodology requires new behaviours, and that presents challenges and the feeling of limited choices in how to respond to the personal changes required.

For over fifteen years we have delivered proven people-processes to a global audience that support the closing of leadership, engagement, alignment and performance gaps.  Read how we improved all four by an average of 20% in our case study. Click here:

Accelerated Change

Achieving your Lean ambition is all about change and people. Change is a dynamic process and therefore difficult to manage. People respond to change in different ways; many ignoring it and hoping it will go away, and many reacting with fear as it is stressful. All too often it is misunderstood:

  • why the change has been implemented - many strategies are communicated using a very one-way "tell" approach, not allowing for people to develop a common reality of the changes, thus struggling to engage.

  • how the change impacts upon them and are not given the time or opportunity for people to make sense of the changes and what it means to them.

  • what they can do to play a meaningful role in the change process - people will want to support the change if they understand why and what it means to them.  However, if they are not empowered to develop their own action plans to implement the changes, they will feel a distinct misalignment to the strategy.

The Power of Choice

By understanding the "why", "how" and "what" and closing the LEAP gap, people will feel they have choices in how they respond to change.  Closing the LEAP gap is our unique response to those challenges.  XCL's LEAP programme is a proven organisational, team and individual programme that supports an organisation and its people through change.

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