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"Everywhere I see, people are talking about LEAP and visualisation in a different way."

Shift Manager, Europe


"I strongly recommend LEAP for any organisation seriously engaged in continuous improvement."

Cluster Head, North America

"I have seen XCL supporting real turn arounds in different factories, countries and cultures which confirms the power of LEAP and also how special XCL's Consultants and Facilitators are."

Global Director, Europe

"We're driving through a massive culture change here. LEAP has enabled us to drive it through faster." Factory Manager, Europe

"It's a complete programme to change the nature of the way we work as leaders."

Senior Manager, Scandanavia

"You get more participation and engagement. Longer retention of what was being taught."

Production Manager, Asia


"They helped us develop our strategy and they are helping us to work with our people."

Cluster Head, South Europe

"Surely recommend LEAP, especially the "problem-solving" part, not delegating choices / issues upwards!!!"

Shop Floor Worker, Scandanavia

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