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What is the most important lesson life has taught you?
The meaning of life is life itself.

Dig Woodvine - Managing Director

Dig founded XCL in 1997 and now leads on strategic direction and business development. His global leadership experience ensures everyone is fully engaged in their performance both with XCL and their clients. Dig is the inspiration behind LEAP with over 30 years' experience in delivering global development programmes. He has extensive experience designing learning and development solutions and has a post-graduate degree in sociology and psychology. He firmly believes in a humanistic approach to developing people. Before founding XCL, Dig's passion was leading expeditions whilst living and working with indigenous people in the Amazon, India, Uganda and Ethiopia and was made a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. Dig was given a Rotary International Scholarship to study Lean manufacturing in Japan and holds a Rotary Fellowship.

Just for fun, a bit more about Dig...
What is your earliest memory?                                                    What is your favourite word?

Playing action man in a pile of builders' sand.                    Choice.

Sam Woodvine - Director

Sam has played a key role in the strategic direction of XCL for over 12 years and leads the financial, marketing and HR functions of the business. She is positive, enthusiastic and experienced in developing and implementing strategies to improve sales and profitability. Alongside her honours degree in Business and Media, Sam is an excellent team player with determination and flexibility; possessing skills in creativity and developing innovative solutions. A good organiser with a clear and analytical approach to planning, Sam is a person who believes in people and wants to make a difference.

Just for fun, a bit more about Sam...

What would your super power be?                                            If you could go back in time, where would you go?
To cure the ill with a big hug.                                            Kenya in the colonial days.

What advice would you give to your younger self?
Accept yourself for who you are.

When were you happiest?
Many times, I've lots to be thankful for.

Mark Surtees - LEAP Consultant

Mark is a core member of the XCL team. He has extensive experience in consulting, facilitating and training and believes that learning and development are at the heart of individual and collective success. Prior to joining XCL full time in 2009, Mark worked for an international organisation development firm and previously ran his own training and development business for 10 years. Clients Mark has worked with include, Airbus UK, HSBC, Tetra Pak, VW, Business Link, Sheffield Hallam University and Hemsley Fraser. He has published articles and a book on development. An accomplished project manager, spending his early career as an applied scientist in industry, Mark also directed voluntary worldwide expeditions for several years. Wide travel experiences now serve Mark's relationships with international clients. He is a graduate of the NTL OD Certificate Programme.

Just for fun, a bit more about Mark...

What would your super power be?                                           Who is your style icon?
Flight.                                                                               What's a style icon?


Alison Hattersley - LEAP Facilitator

Alison is a skilled facilitator who works in a highly experiential and inclusive way and has been an XCL Faciliator for over 3 years. She brings an honest and practical approach to her work, finding and building on the strengths of those she is working with. She works with people from all levels of an organisation, from directors to the people making a difference on the ground floor.

Just for fun, a bit more about Alison...

What would your super power be?                                             What advice would you give to your younger self?
To breathe under water.                                                      Blue hair only looks good for a week.

What is your most treasured position?

Dawn Bruce - LEAP Facilitator

Dawn is a highly respected learning and development consultant and has been an XCL Facilitator for over two years. With 17 years experience in leadership, training, facilitation and consultancy and a background in operations and customer service, she easily relates to learners with her work life experiences. Dawn has worked in several countries across the globe,  following her passion for training and developing individuals. She has an MBA in Strategic Management and is MCIPD accredited.

Just for fun, a bit more about Dawn...

​How would you describe yourself in three words?                         Which living person do you most admire and why?
Loyal, dedicated, empathetic.                                                 My mum because she's 80 years old and                                                                                                                skypes people.

Who is your style icon?
Mark Surtees.

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