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Introducing XCL

XCL is a UK-based consultancy, facilitation and training company supporting multi-national operations in achieving large-scale change-management and World Class Manufacturing (WCM) status. We help our clients fulfil their Lean ambition through proven processes that improve Leadership, Engagement, Alignment and Performance (LEAP).

Our approach is founded on eXperience Centred Learning (XCL), a proprietary and practical methodology that is enjoyable, inclusive, challenging and an experience in itself for all participants.

Working across sectors including food manufacturing, automotive and food packaging, we have used eXperience Centred Learning to deliver LEAP programmes that have helped clients to address a wide range of challenges relating to their Lean ambition. These include cost reduction, workforce engagement, workforce alignment behind strategy, identifying and developing talent, improving individual and team performance, and enhancing leadership and communication across operations.

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