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The LEAP Process


LEAP (Leadership, Engagement, Alignment and Performance) is an innovative process that combines eXperience Centred Learning with application to live, current projects. Enjoyable, inclusive, challenging and an experience in itself, LEAP provides individuals with the behaviours and self-belief to change. LEAP participants are able to think differently and make a profound and immediate impact on themselves and their organisations and their Lean ambitions.

LEAP helps everyone in the organisation - from senior management to engineers on the shop floor - to become facilitative leaders. It bridges the gap between process and people, ensuring that change is not only managed, it is embraced.

The LEAP Journey

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, it is even more important to be Lean. LEAP supports organisations through the complexities and challenges that change inevitably brings. LEAP enables change by engaging people. We help you grow people, to grow leaders, to grow your organisation.

Self-awareness and empowerment is a journey. We guide you along the way by giving you the opportunity to learn by doing; a safe, nurturing environment; a supportive community; and expert consultation and advice.

By using live case studies and creating memorable learning experiences, you have the tools you need to make choices for the benefit of yourself, your team and your organisation.

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